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How To


Step 1

Get your best unreleased song ready.

Step 2

Watch out for Zonal and Language Round submission dates. Check FAQs.

Step 3

Submit your song in WAV or AAC format only when the relevant round opens.

Step 4

Sit tight, you’ll hear from us soon.




On Going



For me Spotted is a way to pass the mic back, spot the talent that is deserving and make music that inspires the current and future generations.

- Salim Merchant

With the information overload on social media these days, going viral and getting discovered is becoming rarer. With Spotted, I hope to bring some talented artists into the spotlight.

- Jonita Gandhi

Social media has led to the penetration of global music in regional zones and improved the popularity of local music across the globe. With Spotted, I look forward to discovering fresh voices that will be the future of the Indian indie scene.

- Papon

I took Mumbai’s streets to the globe and I had to put in the work for almost a decade! With JioSaavn Spotted, I hope to make the next street poet’s journey much shorter but with the same thrill!